kyu - korean - transgender

jan 14 `97

[hiatus bc school]

ㅡ如果没遇见你会怎样? 我的心是否还在流浪?

But why do I notice everything? She thought. Why must I think? She did not want to think. She wanted to force her mind to become a blank and lie back, and accept quietly, tolerantly, whatever came.
Virginia Woolf, from The Years (via likeanoldstory)

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i dont need a boyfriend to keep me warm this winter i need a givenchy aw13 black velvet jacket with leather shoulder detailing

I am in the mood to dissolve into the sky.
Virginia Woolf  (via soul-killing)

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I’ll be honest with you, I’m a little bit of a loner. It’s been a big part of my maturing process to learn to allow people to support me. I tend to be very self-reliant and private. And I have this history of wanting to work things out on my own and protect people from what’s going on with me.
Kerry Washington (via aestheticintrovert)

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